In August of 2019, Regional Directors of Employer Engagement (RDEE) representing priority sectors for the Los Angeles Region were offered the opportunity to take on a grant as part of a Career Pathways Specialists Project. Those who chose to accept the grant would write a proposal to utilize the grant funds to develop K-12 programs and initiatives that would address the following objectives in the LA Region:

1. Provide industry perspective in identifying Career Pathways to be revised to meet industry needs

2. Facilitate faculty experiences with business/industry to ensure Career Pathways prepare students for employment

3. Identify employment opportunities and specific employers within each sector 4. Conduct sector specific regional advisory committees

Upon being presented with a grant opportunity through a Career Pathways Specialists project, Katie Mishler, RDEE Advanced Transportation & Logistics; Judy Fox, RDEE Business & Entrepreneurship; and Ruth Amanuel, RDEE Global Trade got together to brainstorm the possibilities.

In the fall of 2019, the cross-sector ProvenReady program was born. Since that time, we’ve brought several strategic partners on board to create work-based learning opportunities, integrated colleges into our badging opportunities, and we have conducted joint professional development opportunities for both high school and community college contacts. We have developed and continue to create a variety of multi-media communication tools to engage stakeholders including newsletters, a website, and various videos. The sections that follow document the progress we’ve made since the program’s inception and our recommendations for the future of ProvenReady.

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