Business & Entrepreneurship


What Does Our Sector Do For Los Angeles?

The California Community Colleges invests funding and resources in industry sectors that are key to the economic growth of Los Angeles. Entrepreneurs and business operators are the driving force of economic development in Los Angeles. They are contributors to innovation and new job growth, and the backbone of the workforce.

The Business & Entrepreneurship Sector collaborates with industry leaders and education to improve and expand business and entrepreneurial curriculum. The end result is a job ready workforce of entrepreneurial leaders and support personnel that will ensure California’s economic growth and global competitiveness.

According to The Kauffman Entrepreneur Index Study by the Kauffman Foundation, California is 5th in the nation for entrepreneurial growth and 2nd for overall entrepreneurial activity. California’s small businesses comprise 98% of all businesses in the state, provide 82% of the private sector jobs, and 75% of the gross state product. According to data from the Employment Development Department (EDD) Labor Market Information Division (LMID), there are over 1.3 million small businesses (with 100 or fewer employees) that employee over 7.6 million people in California.

There’s never been a more critical time for students to be exposed to real world experiential learning to reinforce technical and soft skills training. That is why the primary goal of the California Community Colleges Business and Entrepreneurship Sector is to ensure that

students not only receive the technical skills they need to succeed in their chosen field of study or discipline, but also the business and entrepreneurship skills for them to become future entrepreneurial leaders. 

Visit the Business & Entrepreneurship website to learn more about our Sector, and visit the California Community Colleges website to find programs that will make you workforce ready.

What Resources Do We Offer?


Youth Entrepreneurship Programs
Student Business Boot Camps
Resources Such As: 

  • Entrepreneur Network Los Angeles
  • HP Learning Initiative
  • Enactus
  • California DECA
  • Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization
  • And Much More


Entrepreneurship Curriculum Library
eShip Educator Curriculum
Resources Such As: 

  • 3rd Party Curriculums
  • Associations
  • Regional Projects
  • CTE Launchboard
  • CalPASS Plus
  • And Much More