“Every Business Club president leaves a legacy behind and by far, this one is most memorable,” Professor Cardona stated. He went on to say, “I always make it a point to facilitate information to my students…I’m not surprised at all to hear Luisana went after this one and was selected. She’s a very special student.”

Luisana aspires to graduate from Glendale with accounting and international business associate’s degrees, then move on to a Los Angeles university to continue education in these courses of study. When asked what the scholarship means to her she said, “For me, it means three things: hope, aspiration, and confidence. Hope because it gives me the opportunity to keep looking towards the future. Aspiration because it means having the ability to conquer more than I previously thought I could… and, it gives me confidence that I can do it with all of the people supporting me, I believe I can achieve my dreams.”


Luisana dreams of running an accounting firm in the Los Angeles area with a specialization in international business and international tax laws. Luisana also hopes to continue working on a passion project of hers; a bracelet that calls emergency services when you’re in dangerous situations. She said if she was going to give advice to others, it would be “to not be afraid to stand out, ask for help, and search for more.” Luisana said that her parents, her boss, and her advisors Rafael Cardona, Robert Newman, and Marisa Zakaria are the people who inspire her the most. She is grateful for every person that has helped her along in her path.

When not working hard on her studies, Luisana loves hiking, and spending time with family and loved ones.


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