Global trade professions are as diverse as the individuals who work in them and involve much more than just shipping a product to a consumer or business.

Trade Facilitators Incorporated (TFI), based in Los Angeles, specializes in the art of global trade and helps businesses successfully gain and maintain new clients. Daniel Gardner, TFI co-founder and an adjunct professor, currently leads a small, yet mighty, team of five employees. TFI focuses on three main areas of the global supply chain: consulting, designing educational materials, and marketing services.

TFI has developed a powerhouse of knowledge by utilizing connections they maintain through their international network. If an organization needs help revamping its supply chain customs, implementing new technology, or negotiating contracts, TFI takes on a consultant role to help them. Clients benefit from experts in American Asian and African markets.

Their educational division serves as a program that international businesses or individuals can utilize for continued learning. They design and distribute pre-recorded online classes that teach viewers about supply chain topics. Courses range from Understanding & Negotiating International Sales Contracts to U.S. Free Trade Agreements for Importers & Exporters.

The classes for clients include hundreds of hours of content. Upon completion, students receive a Master Export Specialist title for the National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America and a certificate of completion through California State University, Long Beach. Some of TFI’s educational videos can be accessed through TFI’s YouTube channel for free.

Lastly, TFI specializes in marketing-on-demand services for clients who wish to set themselves apart in international commerce. These services include TFI’s assistance in hosting a webinar series or exploring ways to improve a business’s brand to attract and keep clients.

TFI is currently expanding, and sees a need for marketing research. This means potential employees could expect to begin their career with the company by making telephone calls, sending emails, and obtaining sales. The ideal candidate for this role includes individuals with a few years in international trade, and an understanding of the terminology that’s commonly used amongst professionals. Dan Gardner is very sensitive to the fact that it’s difficult to gain experience without an introduction into the field. Job-seekers should consider avenues such as Long Beach Community College or local schools to gain certification.